How To: Draw a nice witch on a broom for Halloween

Draw a nice witch on a broom for Halloween

In this how to video, you will learn how to draw a witch. First, draw three oval shapes for the head and body. Next, draw the basic out line of the witches and legs. From there, you can add the arms, cape and broom. You can also add a bat and cat if you want. From here, you can go back into the drawing with more detail. Add the buckle and band of the witches hat. Next, draw in the curls of the hair and the eyes, nose, and mouth. Next, add in the folds of the cape. If you drew the cat, add furry texture and whiskers. Add the bristles of the brooms and even more bats. You can fill them in with black if you want. Next, erase the initial outlines you made to clean up the drawing. You are now ready to color in the drawing. Color the legs of the witch gray and the blouse a dark black color. Do the same for the cape and sleeves. Next, fill in the hat with black. Do the same for the cat. Next, take a gray color and go over the outlines of the cat and witch. This will bring the outlines out. Next, draw a circle behind the witch to complete the drawing.

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