How To: Draw older faces, front view

Draw older faces, front view

Concept/ 3d character artist, Xia, teaches viewers how to draw an old man's face. Draw an elongated circle that will serve as the face. Make a horizontal line on the upper portion of the face and draw the eyes. Draw the nose and the eye brows accordingly. Achieve an older look by drawing creases along the nose. Draw the ears right along the same level as the eye line. Add more creases on the forehead for a more aged look. Draw deep cheekbones. Start drawing the beard. Add more creases below the eyes. Draw the mustache carefully to as if it is a villain's mustache. Try to make the character look like someone from the past by adding a pigtail. Polish it up by adding more creases and lines on the face. Make sure to include the shoulder of the character and draw the desired costume. Add personality to the face by drawing accessories like earrings. Following these simple steps will make your finish product look like it was drawn by an expert.

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