How To: Draw popular manga character Shugo Chara

Draw popular manga character Shugo Chara

If you love the prolific schoolgirl manga series Shugo Chara, you have probably wanted to draw a replica of the iconic title character for yourself. This video tutorial will teach you how to draw her on the computer quickly and with great detail and color.

Here are step-by-step instructions from the creator:
1. Start to draw simple guide line for face and body. Next step is draw clothes detail, face and hair. 2. Start coloring choose Brush Tool for basic color of face and hair. 3. Give hair motif by drawing lines on it, add highlights. Do the same to coloring clothes. 4. Now after basic coloring done, draw outline to emphasize the shape. 5. Give shadow and more highlight, you can choose Brush Tool or Fill tool but reduce its transparency. Our shugo chara character almost done. 6. Now draw an egg, it is a part of shugo chara. Done I hope you enjoy to draw it as I do. See you in our other tutorial.

Original Tutorial here

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