How To: Draw a quick rose step by step

Draw a quick rose step by step

A bouquet of roses is a lovely thought but will quickly wilt and die. Give your loved one a bouquet of roses that will last for years to come and it will only cost you the price of a pencil and paper. They're quick and easy to sketch.

With a little patience, you can learn the secrets to capturing the beauty and delicacy of a rose.

You Will Need

* A pencil
* Paper
* Eraser

Step 1: Create guidelines and stem

Draw an oval. Add a curved line from the bottom center of the oval. Then draw a second line next to it, duplicating the curve, creating a stem.

Flowers are perfect in their imperfection, so don't worry about precise measurements.

Step 2: Add petals

Draw a tear-drop shape on each inner side of the oval for petals, overlapping them at the bottom. Add a cylinder shape between the petals and draw a swirl in its center.

Step 3: Add more petals

Add more petals to create a layered effect by duplicating the lines of existing petals. Closely follow the original petal lines.

Step 4: Add sepals and leaves

Draw two short lines on each side of the stem, extending them from the oval's lower edge. Stagger two or more tear-shaped leaves onto the stem.

Adding leaves makes your rose drawing appear more lifelike.

Step 5: Erase guidelines, refine and shade

Erase unwanted guidelines and refine the rose's contour, adding any desired shading. Now, draw a lavish, romantic bouquet for someone you love.

The rose was named the National Floral Emblem in 1986 under President Ronald Reaga

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