How To: Draw a rose within seconds step by step

Draw a rose within seconds step by step

Watch this video to learn how to draw a rose in just seconds.

• To draw a rose, you need a paper and three sketch pens of light green, dark green and red colors.
• First draw a "U" shape with the red color.
• Mark the bottom peak point of the U shape with a thick dot.
• Now from one end draw a cross line to the center part such that it looks like a leaf.
• Now from the center of that line draw another line to touch the second end of the U shape.
• Now draw a bow line from one end to the other end of the U shape.
• In the gap below the bow line, draw 3 arc lines in such a way that they look like leaves.
• Now we use the light green color to make the stem. Draw a straight line thickly.
• Now take the dark green color and draw a leaf to this stem giving a hack saw finish to its both edges.
• Now fill the rose petals with red color.
• The rose is ready !

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