How To: Draw Squirtle from Pokémon

Draw Squirtle from Pokémon

First, begin by drawing a big circle in the middle of the page. Then draw a smaller circle (about a third the size of the bigger one) above your first circle. This will be the head. Next draw two lines where you want the arms to be, and one leg on the right side. Next draw two big eyes and a big half circle mouth as well as a little curl (for the tail) on the left side, opposite the leg. In heavier ink trace over the head and face and begin to draw arms around the arm lines you drew earlier. Make sure the base of the arms are inside the body so you can draw the shell later. Next draw the legs and erase all the lighter lines you drew earlier for a base. Add lines for his shell, nostrils and eyebrows, color appropriately and you're done.

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