How To: Draw stick figure cartoons

Draw stick figure cartoons

Learn the basics of drawing stick figure cartoons with this video tutorial. You need just some drawing paper, a pencil and some imagination for this!

Draw a round head and a straight line body and 2 stick legs and 2 stick arms.

Bring it to life by drawing feet and hands. The hands have 4 fingers.

Happy face is made with 2 eyes and an arc for a smile. Add depth by making 2 little ovals or circles around the eyes. Make the eye balls beady.

For the mouth make a half moon out of the arc. Add a couple of teeth and shade up the inside of the mouth.

If it's a boy, add a hat on top.

If it's a girl, add a couple lashes on each eyes and draw some hair pouring out beneath the hat.

You can draw a pair of shorts on the legs and shade it in to hide the body lines.

Add a t-shirt, and shade a design on it to hide the stick line again.

Add lines and a logo to the hat.

Add a skate board or surf board on one hand.

To the feet just add a line and shade it. Draw a few lines to look like laces.

And voila! Your stick figure comes to life.

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