How To: Draw Thomas the Tank Engine

Draw Thomas the Tank Engine

Watch this video to learn how to draw Thomas the Train.

1) First start out with a circle, followed with a rectangle attached, to make a cyclinder

2) draw the smoke stack, and the upside down U beside it.

3) make the back frame of Thomas with a couple cube shaped lines following with an additional line at the bottom along the ground.

4) Draw 2 lines coming out of the original circle in an angled downward position, also the same type of lines on the far right of the cylinder, to make the wheels. (attaches to the bottom part)

5) draw the front of the train in a 3d shape, followed by the 2 knobs at the front.

6) erase unneeded lines.

7) draw the square on the back followed with the bar that goes down along the train vertically.

8) color and shade according to the video.. and done!

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