How To: Draw three different style flowers

Draw three different style flowers

The video shows you how to make three simple flowers. First, draw a circle. Draw petals around it. Remember to make a little big petals. Then make a stem. Draw a leaf on it. Color the petals with red and the inner circle with orange. Color the leaf using a dark green color. First style flower is ready.
Draw a shape almost like a triangle. Draw petals on its lower part only, and then make a stem. draw a couple of leaves on it. Use a orange color at the center part, green for leaves, and blue for petals. This will look as if the center part is a little bulged. Now make a bigger circle and make some dots on it. Then make little smaller petals. Then a stem and leaf on it. Color the petals with orange, the center with brown, and green for the stem and leaves.

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