How To: Draw Toad from Mario Brothers with a Sharpie

Draw Toad from Mario Brothers with a Sharpie

This video illustrate us how to draw Toad from Mario Brothers with a sharpie. Here are the following steps:Step 1: Take a piece of paper and pencil and start by drawing a face. Draw two eyes and a tongue by drawing three circles.Step 2: Now from the down side of the face draw an oval egg shape structure bigger then the face ,this is the toads belly.Step 3: Draw two lines cutting half through the belly and without joining them with little space in between draw these line upwards.Step 4: Draw two circles from the lower oval end ,these are the legs of the toad.Step 5: Draw a big circle from the head from the head of the toad this will be the mushroom head of the toad. Now draw two small circles within the mushroom head.Step 6: Finally draw two small lines from the outer upper side of the oval belly, these represents the hands. color the picture with your choice.that's it

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