How To: Draw "Toothless" from How to Train Your Dragon

Draw "Toothless" from How to Train Your Dragon

in this video Evan Burse teaches us an easy way to draw Toothless from the 3D cartoon how to train your dragon.

first you need supplies, an eraser and 3 pencils, an H pencil (the light one), an F pencil (medium) and HB pencil (very dark).

You start sketching with the H pencil, beginning with two ovals to mark head and body, (remember to do it softly, this is just to put the dragon in position), then legs, then tail wings and tail, moving up to wings.

When the sketching is done you dub the outlines, always start with the objects closest to you, such as the head, then move to "upper" torso and arms, to the lower torso and tail. When that is done you go to the tail wings, and last but not least the wings.

And then to the shading process, making it more alive and adding details missing. Watch the video, and have fun.

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