How To: Draw V for Vendetta

Draw V for Vendetta

In this how to video, you will learn how to draw V for Vendetta. First, start out with the legs of the character. Draw the outline as if the character is squatting. Next, draw the outline of the cape and the hands. Next, draw the face of the character. Note that he wears a hat. You can also fill in his mask. Note that the mask has a mustache and a grin. Once the outline of the character is complete, add the basic details of his suit. This includes the areas of the highlights and shading. Make the outline of these areas. Next, draw the V logo by crawing a circle and an inner circle. Draw a V in the inside of the circle. From here, you can shade in the character. Make sure not to shade in the highlights you made earlier. Next, draw the shadow of the character. This should be placed right underneath him. Fill in the shading with a darker color. Once this is done, you can go into the outline of the character once more for a darker look. Your drawing of V for Vendetta is now complete.

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