How To: Draw a wave

Draw a wave

The video is basically showing how to get a look like Demi Lovato with makeup. The makeup being used is BYS. You Start off with a light Grey make up under your eyelids,then you take the black color makeup and put it under your eyelids where you put your first coat of Grey under and blend them in together. When you use the black color makeup you have to really pad it on, not so much brush it. Then you use the darkest black color and put a light amount under your eyelids. Then finally you want to use an exhibit pencil right on the edge of your eye lids. Then you want to use the white make up above your eye lids. Finally use mascara on your eyebrows and you will have that Demi Lovato look.

For your cheeks you use the BYS shade bronzer, the golden color.

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