How To: Draw what you see

Draw what you see

Jordon Schranz brings you this tutorial on drawing. Search WonderHowTo for Sessions Online School of Fine Arts for more drawing tutorials. Learn how to draw what you see. The technique & craft of drawing isn't necessarily about inherent talent, it is something that comes with lots of practice. It is all about being able to accurately record what you see. This drawing lesson focuses on learning to see the form of objects in the physical world. Rather than drawing every last detail in your subjects, will learn to recognize the basic form of what you see. This lesson explores this topic, helping you develop a sense of the visual relationship between different elements in your composition. You'll get an orientation to your art materials, learning how to set up a drawing board and hold and sharpen your pencil. In the exercise, you'll practice creating different kinds of lines and hone your observation skills through a freehand drawing of a familiar object.

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