How To: Draw Xena the Warrior Princess

Draw Xena the Warrior Princess

You will need a sketch book and various pens. Start by roughly sketching the head. Next draw a center line that will become the center of Xena's torso. Sketch the arms, legs, breasts, and the ring that she is holding. Remember, this is the first draft and it doesn't need to be perfect. Next, flip another page down on top of your first draft. On this draft begin to add more details and proportions. Start with the head forming the shape of the jaw and the size of the head. Work your way down to the shoulders and arms. Add details in the breast and abdominal areas. Turn the page again adding hair and again adjusting the proportions to give the character a realistic look. You may need to shorten the abdomen area because the of angle she if facing; to give the picture a more lifelike feel. Repeat process of turning pages and adding details until you end up with the finished lifelike Xena.

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