How To: Draw Yoko Ritona from Gurren Lagann

Draw Yoko Ritona from Gurren Lagann

Daisuke 18 demonstrates how to draw Yoko Ritona from anime series Gurren Lagann. To begin with one side of the face is drawn with a pointed chin. A flip of hair is drawn next, which is falling over one eye. Next the artist draws most part of the hair, a waitress's hat and some decoration on the hair. A puff sleeve for the blouse is drawn next. Next she draws the cleavages and goes to complete the hat with some chop sticks on it. Then she completes the blouse. One hand is drawn with a wrist lace which is supported to the back. The waist and mini skirt is drawn next. The pony tail long hair is completed then. There is flip of hair falling on the other side of the face. The second hand is drawn holding a glass of juice and some snacks in a tray. The eyes are drawn. One eye is drawn closed! Nose is just a dot and a very small curved lip is drawn. The borders are darkened and required shades are given to complete the picture.

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