How To: Easily draw Toad from Super Mario

Easily draw Toad from Super Mario

Learn an easy way to draw a 'Toad' by watching this art tutorial from Super Mario. The artist begins by drawing a mushroom first. A 3/4th circle is drawn and closed at the bottom with a slight curve. A full circle is drawn inside the mushroom, near the top. Slight curves are outlined on either sides of the mushroom, to reveal part circles. The face of the toad is drawn next by outlining a semi oval at the bottom of the mushroom. Two ovals are drawn for the eyes, with the pupils facing down. The mouth is drawn next to reveal a big smile. The body follows, by outlining two almost rectangular pieces, on either side below the face, for his shirt. Lines are added to detail it. A line is drawn, a little above the bottom edges of the shirt, joining them. A big curve joining the bottom edges of the shirt is drawn, for the pant. The left arm is drawn next, in an outstretched position, revealing five fingers. The right arm is facing down, revealing three fingers and a thumb. Two semi-circles are drawn for the feet. A mushroom is drawn next to the toad. A semi- circle with a straight bottom for the body and a small rectangle for the stem are outlined. Three half circles are detailed on the body and two eyes on the stem, to complete it. Now that sure is a cute picture of a toad near a mushroom!

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