How To: Line draw

Line draw

You don't need a camera to recreate a picture you see. Choose and object and with only a pen and pencil you can recreate that object as a sketch. Take your time, and choose somewhere quite where you can focus on your creation.

"Less is more" is the idea behind line drawing. Create compelling images with this popular technique.

You Will Need

* An object
* A surface
* A graphite pencil
* Paper

Step 1: Select object

Select an object with some interesting details and set it on a surface in front of you.

Make sure your environment is quiet so you are able to focus and take your time when line drawing.

Step 2: Observe your object

Study the object closely, noticing its curves, planes, and special features. Line drawing tests and stretches your eye-hand coordination.

Step 3: Determine a start point and begin

Determine a logical starting point and begin, using clearly defined lines to make hard edges appear forward, and using softer lines for receding edges.

Vary pressure on the pencil to darken and lighten lines.

Step 4: Draw what you see

Draw exactly what you see by continuing to observe your object closely. Use your artistic judgment when moving from one area to another.

Step 5: Create composition

Create a strong composition by imagining an oval encircling the drawing and balancing your image within the space. Now, draw another object. Practice makes perfect.

American artist Andy Warhol, early in his career, was known for using a simple blotted line technique to create commercial art.

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