How To: Make cartoons out of letters

Make cartoons out of letters

Would you think that you could draw a cartoon duck just by writing the word duck? Or Uncle Sam from the letters US? Well, grab a pen and a piece of paper and get ready to draw. All you need is a pad of paper, pencil, marker, colored chalks or colored pencils, and an eraser. To make a cartoon duck, first, write the word "DUCK" in all capital letters. Draw a face in the "C" by putting in an eye and an eyebrow. Connect it to the "K," and close up the bottom and top of the "K." Connect the "C" to the "D" by drawing a line over the "U," closing it up as well. Draw some feathers behind the "D." Draw a blue water line underneath your duck and write "QUACK" by his beak. Draw lines to show sound.
To draw Uncle Sam, first write the letters "US" in caps. Draw 2 lines coming out of the bottom curve, inside of the "U." Draw 2 dots for eyes, one inside the top curve of the "S" and one next to it, outside and on the left of it. Draw an eyebrow over the left eye. Draw a curved line for an nose, coming out of the bottom of the U. Draw a long line coming down under the "S." Finally, draw a beard connecting it to the ear. This will complete Uncle Sam's face. To create his hat, draw a figure 8 on its side on top of the U. Draw a top hat to complete it. Draw blue and red lines inside his hat, and some red lines flaring out around his face. Watch this how to video and you can create a cool cartoon out of letters.

Make cartoons out of letters

Make cartoons out of letters Click through to watch this video on

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