How To: Sketch a human hand holding a pencil drawing

Sketch a human hand holding a pencil drawing

You may not know how to draw, but but don't let that discourage your from trying. This video will take your fears away and prove to you that anybody can draw if they want to! A little instruction is all anybody needs to succeed. But drawing hands is difficult, right? Sure, hands are one of the tougher parts of the body to sketch, especially when holding something, like the pencil in this drawing. But practice makes perfect, so don't give up.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to draw a human hand holding a pencil. Make sure to pause the video after each step and look at the screen every few seconds while you are drawing. And check out the step-by-step instructions, or download the PDF for a printable version.

Step 1: Draw the three shapes that you see. The one on the left will be the tip of the pencil and the two on the right will be fingertips.
Step 2: Observe, then draw the thumb shape. Notice that it seems slightly thinner at the fingertip.
Step 3: Draw the K shape above the thumb
Step 4: Use a ruler to draw the top of the pencil. It should measure just less that three thumb lengths.
Step 5: Observe and draw the line to complete the finger over the K shape.
Step 6: Finish the hand shape by drawing in the heel of the palm and the wrist.

--Merrill Kazanjian

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