How To: Speedpaint


How to Speedpaint using Digital Painting. shows how to speed paint using best practices to improve your painting abilities. For this particular video he was inspired by a trailer on Youtube that showed a 3 point perspective. You can often use real world images or screenshots from movies to draw inspiration and study. He shows how to start with big shapes and not focus on a lot of detail. Speed painting should be quick and only 30 minute to an hour sessions. The more studies you do the more your visual memory will be improved making it easier to figure out lighting and shadows in your speed paintings. Remember to decide where the lights and shadows will hit, keeping in mind this is value study. Focus on shape and value and not so much detail. Use these principles when you are speed painting and you will soon come up with your own style. Visit for more video tutorials on Digital Speed Painting and video tutorials on how to Create your own brushes.

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