How To: Draw a cartoon alien

Draw a cartoon alien

This how to video shows you hot to draw a cartoon alien. First, draw a circle and another circle inside. Draw two oval on the inner circle for the eyes. Draw an oval shape for the body. Next, add simple feet and arms. Make sure one arm is sticking out. You can add an antenna shape to the top of the large circle. Fill in the details of the inner circle, such as a mouth, nose, eyebrows, and pupils. Draw a gadget with an antenna sticking out in the hand that is sticking out. You can also draw a simple landscape in the backgound of mountains. Fill in the details of the body such as gloves and a buckle. Now you are ready to color the image. Color the face green and the inside of the inner circle an aqua color. Use this same color for the gloves. Color the body suit red and the shoes a pink color. The belt should be blue. Color the details of the suit purple. Next, fill in the gadget with a gray color and the landscape with a brown color. Your alien is now complete.

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