How To: Draw the cartoon character, Betty Boop

Draw the cartoon character, Betty Boop

This video illustrates how to draw the cartoon character,Betty Boop. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: Take a sheet of paper and pencil and start drawing a circle and below it draw a outline of human body.

Step 2: Within the circle draw a pair of eyes, nose,lips and smiling jaw line representing the face of the character.

Step 3; Now draw the hands and below the hands draw a frilled frock with the frills flowing upwards and then draw the hands of the character pointing downwards.

Step 4: Now draw two big earrings and bangles and finally a pair of stilettos on the feet.

Step 5: Draw a big heart on the outline so that the character lies on the inner periphery of the character.

Step 6: Draw a puppy next to the legs of the character and a dancing floor below.

Step 7: Finally color the picture in red outlining with black.

Thats it

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