How To: Draw a blood hound cartoon

Draw a blood hound cartoon

Sniff out the trail of this cool cartoon with Bruce Blitz. This cartoon trick is sure to turn heads and noses. All you need is paper, pencil, marker, colored chalks or colored pencils and an eraser. First, draw a long nose, adding a curved line for a nostril. Draw an oval at the end, darkening in almost all of it but leaving a small circle at the end for shine. Add two eyes, one slightly behind the nose. Make them half closed and add pupils looking to the right, towards the viewer. Add two small lines going up for eyebrows. Add his smile and a tongue. Draw his head and add a large floppy ear. You now have a bloodhound! Draw another ear coming out from the back, behind his face. Color him in brown and use red for his tongue. Add a few black lines coming out from his nose and the words "SNIFF SNIFF." Watch this how to video and you will be be able to draw a blood hound cartoon.

Draw a blood hound cartoon

Draw a blood hound cartoon Click through to watch this video on

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