How To: Draw a leopard

Draw a leopard

Start with a faint outline of the leopards head which is an oval shape and is body which is connected to the head, then add the outlines of the legs ears and tail. In the oval draw the proper perspective lines for the face of the leopard. Now draw the outline of the tree or branch the leopard is laying on. Begin to darken the outlines, drawing with proper perspective, while adding the outlines for facial features. Add your shading depending on your light source then begin to erase the faint lines you began with. Begin now to fine tune your darker outlines and add the various leopard spots. Now you add a little color to the leopard spots, preferably a light brown as the base color. You can now also begin to fine tune the facial features and colors to your artistic perspective. A darker brown can be used to color the tree or branch, and be sure to use proper shading and fading techniques for the coloring taking keen notice to a light source.

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