How To: Draw a funny cartoon angel

Draw a funny cartoon angel

In this how to video, you will learn how to draw an angel. First, draw the circles for the body and head. Add a leg and arm, as it will be drawn from a side view. Draw a rectangular shape for the harp and a circle for the halo. Lastly, draw the cloud below the body and wings. From here, you can fill in a detailed outline over the basic shapes drawn. This includes the fluff lines of the cloud, the feather lines of the wings, the mouth and hair of the angel, and the strings inside the harp. Once this is done, you are ready to color the angel. First, shade in the wings with a gray color. The farthest one should be a darker shade. Next, color in the cloud with the same gray color. The cloth the angel is wearing should be blue. Color in the halo and harp a gold color. Lastly, color the hair of the angel a brown color. You can also create the hand behind the strings of the harp with a brown color. Your angel is now complete.

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