How To: Draw 4 different types of manga eyes

Draw 4 different types of manga eyes

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw four types of manga eyes. The first style if for a female and they are cute eyes. Start with a half circle curved downwards, then draw a small line underneath the eye. Draw a small line above the eyes and then use a thin pencil lines to make the pupils. Make the pupils large and add a slight light in them to make them appear larger, then add on eyelashes. For serious female eyes, draw smaller eyes that have a v-shape to the edge of them, with serious eyebrows that are close to the inside of the eye. Fill in the pupils with small black circles. To draw cute male eyes, draw them very similar to the female eyes except a more serious eyebrow and a smaller pupil in the middle of the eyes. Last, for serious male eyes, draw them just like the female small eyes, except with a straighter and more narrow eyebrow and a smaller eye and pupil.

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