How To: Draw anime/manga backgrounds

Draw anime/manga backgrounds

Watch this video to learn how to draw backgrounds for anime and manga. "Miki Falls" manga creator Mark Crilley presents a tutorial on how to draw and color backgrounds for a manga-style illustration. The emphasis is on using color and linework to create the illusion of depth.

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very good in all aspect

can u sent me all your video haw to draw from step 1 to lass i want to be ant artis dis is may email i hope u sent some

nice detailing, but sometimes its better not to draw too much, i use a ruler for my reference lines cuz im too lazy to draw it lol

god youre really an expert i hope i can be like you well im trying to learn how to draw manga but i have not much time to practice becaus of school well tnx a lot i became inspired hahahahah

You have inspired me to create my own manga!

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