How To: Draw clothes for anime/manga comic books

Draw clothes for anime/manga comic books

"Miki Falls" manga creator Mark Crilley presents a tutorial on drawing clothes, with special emphasis on wrinkles. Learning how to draw clothes for manga characters is an important detail that should not be overlooked. Watch this video to learn how to draw anime and manga clothes with more detail.

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hello its me again i like to watch how to draw a anime body couse i dont now to draw a body

i lone your vid!!! i wish i could draw but thanks for the help^__^

I'm not very good at manga but I can do the fetures on the face the hair,but I struggle to get the body frame right :$ xx

I would like to ask what kind of pencil does he use in this video? It looks pretty soft to me. I would be happy if anyone could answer (:

I have this question too.What pencil he used to draw?

same to me, can somebody tell just from vid what pencil is it?

I really need help with men and boys body. I also need help with their hair, and all hands and feet.

I dont like the male shirt how it's all wrinkled. Other than than good job!

I really want those books they look so good you are a good manga artist! I wish i was that good. I LOVE MANGA/ANIME AND CARTOONING! I'm pretty good too!

I wish I could draw somethin like that =]
Most artists use charcoal pencils who knows maybe he uses them 2

he already drew the lines and then rubbed them out so its easier for him

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