How To: Draw a mysterious woman

Draw a mysterious woman

This masterful drawing session from idrawgirls instructs us how to draw a mysterious girl specifically the facial figure, face, hand and upper body front view. First you will establish, very lightly, the facial shape, direction of the eyes, and the shoulders and upper body. The key here lies in the direction of the eyes, casting the face slightly downwards, creating that ineffaceable mysterious effect. Another important factor specific to the female face is keeping the nose close to the eyes when establishing the central features of the face. Next, drawing attention to the face you will place the eyes correctly and begin to carefully fill in the face and create shapes. Next you will focus on shading in the iris and eye. Using multiple gradients creates a more realistic and filled-in face and is key to facsimile. You will use the effect a lot on the eyes and hair.

If you are using drawing software or Photoshop a lot of this technique will involve alternating between using lighter and darker values. Drawing on traditional paper this will take the form of using darker lines with harder application of the graphite. The advantage of lighter and darker values in the drawing software is that the technique approximates the shading and nuance of painting.

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