How To: Draw the front view structure of a face in anime

Draw the front view structure of a face in anime

This video describes how to draw an anime face viewed from the front. Anime faces are enjoyed by everyone because they depict unique personalities. Anyone can draw an anime face using their imagination. These steps make it simple:

STEP 1: The first thing you will need to do is draw a medium sized circle and add facial guidelines. You will need to make a long line from the middle of the face straight down past the bottom of the head line. Then add a series of vertical lines as demonstrated.

STEP 2: Sketch out the top lid of a pair of wide open eyes and make sure the lining is somewhat thick. Once done, sketch out the nose and the arch line for the mouth. Finally, draw out the face shape as well as the chin or jaw.

STEP 3: Outline bangs and hair and the bottom lines of the eyes. Then add eyelashes, neck, and the beginnings of shoulders.

STEP 4: Fill out the rest of the hair. Add eyebrows and eyeballs. Color in the pupils and add circles for glare. Sketch out ears and then detail the face a bit. Erase all guidelines and shapes and finesse into the finished product.

By following this method when drawing an anime face, you can easily know where to place the eyes, nose, ears, etc. It helps create defined proportions among the various parts. All different types of faces can be built upon this structure from a cheerful face to angry ones.

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