How To: Draw portraits

Draw portraits

Artist Merrill Kazanjian breaks down the process of drawing from a photograph and simplifies it in to three steps. A time lapse demonstration is done at the end. It is a great video to see if you want to impove your portrait drawing skills. This video covers, contour drawing, drawing from observation, crosshatching, tones, breaking drawings in to shapes to simplify the drawing process and drawing the features of the human face. It is an instructional, traditional drawing, video.

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Enjoyed this fast moving portrait. Would like to see more about shapes

The topic was good, but the explanation and the drawing itself was just too fast to catch up with, how to go through it. Actually, everything was just too fast and could not catch all. The tutorial was fast. The process should be done slowly so that we as learners would be able to see it all and fully understands.

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