How To: Draw a nerdy guy with glasses, braces and big ears

Draw a nerdy guy with glasses, braces and big ears

Portrait drawings are difficult for most artists, but one thing's for sure— drawing nerds is as easy as they come. Nerds are easier to draw because you can stray from the formality of portraits, putting your own spin on it, over-compensating the details, exaggerating the dorky features. It's a drawing class in its own, and Merrill shows you how to draw his version of the NERD!

So, remove that pencil from your pocket protector and start learning how to draw this glorious geek! Follow along and pause the video if you need to.

Step 1: This is where nerds store their smarts. In this caricature, make the top of the head slightly larger in proportion to the bottom of the head.

Step 2: According to Charles Darwin, nerd eyes and ears have mutated over time to enhance the nerds senses for activities such as shopping at RadioShack and watching Star Wars. The eyes and ears are very important to this caricature.

Step 3: Draw the nose shape and the wrinkle lines. Then, complete the outline of the face.

Step 4: Draw a half circle for the mouth. Then add the details.

Step 5: Add the lines to separate the teeth. For a realistic portrait, you don't want to go dark between each tooth, but here it's okay.

Step 6: Draw in the braces. Please note that the braces are just small rectangles over each tooth, connected by wire.

Step 7: Draw in the eyes. Notice that they are close to the upper frames of the glasses.

Step 8: Draw in the pattern for the hair.

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