How To: Draw Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

Draw Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

The Family Guy's Stewie Griffin is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters on Fox today. This bundle of joy can make anybody league, no matter how old you are. Stewie is the youngest out of three children and seems to be the smartest as well. Stewie is sort of a villain in the making since he is the rudest, crudest, character out of the Griffin bunch. Now, many people don't know this, but Stewie is supposed to be a 1 year old toddler and not a small infant at all. With a vocabulary of a full blown adult, you would think that his sophisticated personality and attitude was a whole lot nicer, but in Stewie's world everyone is an enemy if you're not more like him. DragoArt has this video tutorial on how to draw Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. Get more detailed instructions on the step-by-step cartoon drawing here.

Although he seems like an arrogant jerk, he still enjoys childish things that he hates to admit like watching the Teletubbies and other childhood icons. He also enjoys playing Peek a Boo with Peter and actually believes that he disappears out of thin air. When his mother Lois gets affectionate with Stewie, she blows raspberries on his stomach leaving him overwhelmed with laughter. And for an intelligent little 1 year old boy who knows how to walk, talk, insult, build gizmos and gadgets, and on occasion you can catch him driving a car, he has absolutely no idea how to use one of the simplest things of all, the toilet, how funny is that when you think about it.

The instructions are always easy to follow and understand in this drawing tutorial.

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