How To: Draw Two Point Perspective

Draw Two Point Perspective

Step 1: Drawing with Glen Kennedy Introduces Fundamental Drawing Techniques to Encourage Young Artists to Develop and Hone Sound Drawing Skills, a Requirement for Those Pursuing Careers in Art and Design. In the First Video, Kennedy Introduces Viewers to the Two-Point Perspective, One of the Basic Principles of Drawing. By the End of the Tutorial, Viewers Will Understand How to Use This Technique and Will Be Ready to Move on to the Next Tutorial.

Step 2: Shading Is an Important Element in Drawing. In the Second Video in This Three-Part Series, VCAD Instructor Glen Kennedy Expands on Two-Point Perspective with the Introduction of Shading Techniques. Starting with an Imaginary Light Source, Kennedy Explains How Viewers Can Block in Basic Shadows Around the Rectangle. He Also Demonstrates How Viewers Can Use Erasing and Simple Smudging Techniques to Achieve Contrast in Shaded Areas. By the End of This Tutorial, Viewers Will Understand the Use of Basic Shading in Two-Point Perspective Sketching Before Moving on to the Final Segment.

Step 3: In the conclusion of this three-part series, VCAD drawing instructor Glen Kennedy puts the finishing touches on his two-point perspective sketch. He demonstrates the use of erasing and smudging to create a shading effect and show depth. After a few final touch ups, viewers will see that they've created depth and dimension using nothing more than lines, vanishing points and cubes.

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