How To: Master drawing a fearful human eye in two minutes

Master drawing a fearful human eye in two minutes

Watch this fine art video tutorial to learn how to master drawing a fearful eye in two minutes. In two minutes you will be able to draw the expression of fear in the eye.

"Notice that a fearful eye features a distinct gap between the iris and the top eyelid. This separation is about one fifth the height of the eye. The shape of the eye is slightly taller than a calm eye with a higher arching rainbow on the top eyelid. The bottom eyelid has become more flexed and is hugging the eyeball more than in the calm eye. The biggest difference is the distance between the eyebrow and the eye. The muscles of the forehead pull the eyebrow upwards. The skin between the eyebrow and the eye resembles the tightness of skin tight clothing. The viewer can see the bony area at the top of the eye socket and the rounded shape of the top of the eyeball (which can lead to extreme shadows depending upon the lighting).

Step 1- Make a circle with a rainbow shape above it. Leave a gap that is one fifth the height of the eye between the circle and rainbow.
Step 2- Add the bottom eyelid and the tear duct in the corner of the eye. The eyelid should barely graze the bottom of the iris.
Step 3- Complete the shapes of the top and bottom eyelids.
Step 4- Fill in the shape of the eyebrow. Be sure to leave a lot of space between the top of the eyelid and the bottom of the eyebrow.
Step 5- Shade the pupil and iris. The Iris should always be the darkest tone on the face.
Step 6- Shade the area above the upper eyelid and below the eyebrow. The darkest shading in this part should be immediately above the eyelid. Gradually shade lighter as you approach the eyebrow.
Step 7- Shade in the eyebrow. It should be similar in tone to the area above the eyelid.
Step 8- Shade in the upper eyelid and the eyelashes. The lashes should be slightly lighter than the pupil.
Step 9- Shade in the lower eyelid slightly darker than the upper eyelid."

--Merrill Kazanjian

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