How To: Master drawing an angry human eye in two minutes

Master drawing an angry human eye in two minutes

Watch this fine art video tutorial to learn how to master drawing an angry human eye in two minutes.

"Try to notice that the shape around an angry eye is much more compressed than a calm eye. When a person is enraged, the muscles around the eye tighten and pull the eyelids inward. This creates deeper shadows and uncovers more of the white of the eye. In the angry eye there is a separation between the top of the iris and the eyelid.

Step 1- Draw a circle with a rainbow shape above it. Remember to leave a space about half of the size of the iris in between the upper lid and upper iris.
Step 2- Draw in the shape of the eyebrow. Make sure that it is angled downwards towards the inner corner of the eye. It should actually connect with the eye lashes on the upper eye lid
Step 3- Draw in the pupil and the lower eyelid. Leave a black space in the pupil for a reflection. The lower eyelid should graze the bottom of the iris.
Step 4- The bottom eyelid is literally wrapped around the eyeball. Make a bowl like shape below the eye and add a squiggly line on the inner corner of the eye to hint at the side of the nose.
Step 5- Shade the pupil and iris and the upper eye lashes. Please note that the upper eyelashes are thicker and fuller than the bottom ones.
Step 6- Shade in the eyebrow. Please notice that it is not evenly shaded throughout.
Step 7- Darken the area around the eye but do not touch the white area. The eyes seem to sink in more when a person is angry, creating deeper shadows."

--Merrill Kazanjian

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