How To: Draw dynamite

Draw dynamite

First of all use a grey color shade to draw the outline sketch of the figure. First draw the trapezium in the front. Now draw a rectangle at the side of the trapezium. Make a flat top to the figure. From the middle of the trapezium draw a string protruding downwards. Now divide the figure into three equal sections. Now you have to darken sections on the rectangular side. Draw the vertical lines of the rectangular side curved outwards at the far end. At the front end of the rectangular side make a circle at the ends. Make three circles for the three ends. Now mark a point at the center of these three circles. Now using these circles as reference draw the lengths at the top to make more such cylinders placed one over the other as shown. At the front ends of these cylinders make a circle and then mark a point in the middle. Now make a broad strap that goes all over the cylinders to bind them together. Now double the string and darken it. Erase out the grey color outlines. Now fill the cylinders with red color. Fill the strap with yellow color. Apply yellow color on the string. At the end of the string make a circle with orange and yellow colors to show sparks. That's it.

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