How To: Draw a wintery snowflake with Mr. G

Draw a wintery snowflake with Mr. G

In this video, Mr. G demonstrates how to draw a wintery snowflake. You will need a plain pencil, or a blue and black colored pencil for this drawing. Start by writing your name and the date on a white sheet of paper. Then, begin lightly drawing the base of your snowflake. After you have drawn your base, Mr. G will show you how to make the lines darker to form the shape of your snowflake. Then, you will learn how to detail your snowflake by drawing small triangles inside the basic shape that you have drawn. The next step is to retrace the outside lines of the snowflake with your black pencil. These lines should be wavy. The last step is to draw motion lines around your snowflake. Replay the video as many times as you need to create as many beautiful snowflakes as you want.

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