How To: Draw a mean-looking Rottweiller guard dog

Draw a mean-looking Rottweiller guard dog

This video demonstrates how to draw a Rottweiler dog using a piece of paper and any writing utensil. The creator of this video has already sketched the rough outline of the dog using a pencil in order to give them a general idea of the final product. First, you should start by drawing the outline of the dog, adding the brows and ears. The ears should be very floppy, as are the ears of most dogs. Next, draw the eyes of the dog, making them somewhat squinty in order to make it appear like he is barking. Then, draw the snout, nose, and teeth of the dog to complete the face. Next, draw the body of the dog starting the front legs then proceeding to the body, tail, and hind legs. By following the instructions presented by the artist, you should be able to get an idea of how to draw a Rottweiler.

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