How To: Draw a raven

Draw a raven

First of all you have to draw the outline using light color rough lines. Draw the face with beak and then draw the two wings hanging down. Also draw a tail at the back of the bird. Now you have to draw the outline by using a pen. Start by making the beak of the bird at the front. Make the wings with the feathers. Also make the outline of feathers to make the tail. Once the main outline of the bird is ready then you have to erase all the previous rough lines. Now you have to darken the body with black color. Start from the face and then darken the wings and then the tail at the last. Now again you have to darken the body color of the bird. Now draw a few lies at the bottom to make a branch on which the bird is sitting. Also draw a few dark lines around the feather to make it look deep. Now lighten the color of the wings in the middle at all places. Now draw the eyes and the eye ball. Darken the beak and the face. That’s it.

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