How To: Draw an emo chibi character

Draw an emo chibi character

Sasukeisahotie shows you how to draw an Emo Chibi. Start by drawing a prominently spiky, asymmetrical, "emo" haircut, wider than tall. Then draw a line making the outline of the face from the right bottom of the haircut, to the left clump of hair, again this should be wide. Draw one eye on the face (where the other eye is, it should be hidden underneath hair). Draw in the shirt/jacket/top half of the character underneath the head, but make this smaller than the head. Decorate the shirt with some "punk" icon. The same goes for the bottom half of the character, make it wider than tall. Once everything is outlined, go back and do heavy shading on the figure, expect the face, to give it a "dark" feel.

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