How To: Draw Oddish the Pokémon

Draw Oddish the Pokémon

Learn to draw Pokémon Oddish with these simple and quick steps. Start your drawing project by placing the Pokémon Oddish name somewhere on the page. Oddish is a round or onion shaped object. Place this basic shape in the center of your space. Add the feet which are shaped like little shovels at the bottom of the Oddish body. Go to the lower central area of the body and add a triangular shaped tongue. For the eyes, use little circles placed proportionately in the upper central area. Place several angular, teardrop shaped leaves projecting from the top of Oddish's head with the tip of the leaves bent over at the top. The leaves should be overlapping at the base. Lastly, erase any extra unnecessary lines in your drawing to clean up your drawing. Following these steps should give you the basic concept of drawing the Pokémon Oddish character.

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