How To: Draw Bart Simpson

Draw Bart Simpson

Chance Raspberry shows us how to draw Bart Simpson in this video. First, start by drawing his head, which is in the shape of a soda can. Next, draw his neck which is the shape of a can of tuna. After this, draw a center line on his head, then another line on the side of the head where his eyes will go. Then, cut the head in half so you know where the top and bottom of the eyes go. Draw his eyes in, then draw on his nose and ears. To draw the hair, draw nine spikes on the top of his head drawing the outside spikes first, then the middle. Draw in the details of his eyebrow and lip, as well as ear and eyes. To finish the body, draw a light bulb shape as his stomach and torso, then add in his legs and feet! This will give you a Bart Simpson drawing that you can complete all on your own.

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