How To: Draw a camel face

Draw a camel face

Michael Weisner(2D Illustrator) explains that, to draw a camel face one should have clean White sheet and a Drawing Utensil (HB Pencil), especially the light graded pencil helps to save time. In the step one, draw both the eyes first which should be equal on both sides. In the step two, draw the nose which would look like a night lamp. In the step three, start to draw the head and cheeks. In the step four, draw the Upper Jaw and in step 5, draw the ears on both sides equal in size. Add some details by drawing the inner line of the ear and small lines, dots in the inner part of the ear to make it look better. In the step five, draw the Lower Jaw and the neck of the camel. In the Final step you can add some details such as whiskers, eyelids, eyebrows and dark shading the eyeballs. If you follow the steps in this video, you'll be able to draw simply and easily and could also improve your drawing skills.

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