How To: Draw green Yoshi from Super Mario Brothers

Draw green Yoshi from Super Mario Brothers

Ian shows us how to draw Yoshi from the Mario Brothers video games. First, you draw three quarters of a circle, for the snout. Next, on the top right edge of the circle, before the opening you've left, you draw two ovals on top of it for the eyes. Next, finish out the circle (snout) by connecting the bottom end with back of the farthest-right eye, using a outward-bulging line. Draw a smile at the bottom of the circle, then fill in the eyes with a black oval in the bottom right corners of both eyes, leaving a white circle within those. Next, add three small spikes to the back of the head and draw a small neck, using three straight lines. Next, draw some wavy lines to create a saddle, then add a pointed tail behind it. Next, draw the torso area by drawing a bulging line coming out from the left side of the neck. Using cylindrical shapes, add arms and hands. Finish the stomach by connect the line to the line from the bottom of the tail.

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