How To: Draw a human skull

Draw a human skull

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw a human skull. Begin by drawing a half circle with the opening at the bottom. Add cheekbones by drawing two lines, starting just inside the line of the half circle and gently curving outside the half circle. Continue the cheekbone line downward and curve inward. Connect the 2 lines horizontally to shape the top teeth. Now draw a bottom U-shape connecting the bottom of the cheekbones and across the bottom jaw line. Draw a second U-shape line and add vertically lines across to make the teeth. Add wide eye cavities centered between the top of the head and chin. Add 2 tear drop shapes below for the nostril cavities. This video will benefit those viewers who enjoy drawing and would like to learn how draw a human skull to use in their drawings or to learn the human anatomy.

Draw a human skull

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