How To: Draw 3D wind flapping flags

Draw 3D wind flapping flags

Mark demonstrates how to draw flapping flags or scrolls. He starts with a paper in a binder but any paper will work. In this demonstration he uses a pencil to create his drawing but any pen or pencil will do. He draws the flagpole first starting on the left side of the page. He draws multiple circles creating cylinders that you may have learned how to draw in a previous lesion by Mark Kistler. He uses shading to create the effect of a curve and depth of the flag. He shows how to create the effect from different perspectives. He makes multiple curves in the flag making it appear as if it is flapping in the wind even though it is still on the paper. Mark shows how to create perspective by making the flag smaller in the background than in the foreground. Mark has an art attack at the end of the clip going crazy shading franticly creating flags that you can now create yourself with the help of this video.

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