How To: Draw a pegasus, a fantasy horse with wings

Draw a pegasus, a fantasy horse with wings

This video shows us how to draw a Pegasus, a fantasy horse with wings. Firstly draw the parts of the Pegasus roughly using light shades starting of with head, body, limbs, tail and wings. Then darken the parts previously drawn using darker shades and then add the feathers to the wings using the darker shades. Then after that erase the parts which were in lighter shade as it is considered as unwanted now. Then set the background by coloring it with blue color as the Pegasus will be usually seen flying in the sky and then add light textures of the mixture of white and blue all over the sky and also apply the same to the entire body of the Pegasus with light strokes. Then add the curves along the body of the Pegasus using a black color. And for creating uniformity do the same with a light blue color. Add few minor shades here and there to make the appearance to be good. With this we have the Pegasus drawn.

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