How To: Write the letter P in calligraphy copperplate

Write the letter P in calligraphy copperplate

This video demonstrates how to write the letter P in calligraphy copperplate. The technique that is illustrated in this video show you the proper way draw the letter P effectively and beautifully. The video first shows you how to draw the capitalized letter P. The first step is to create a slightly S-curved stroke downward from the top margin to the bottom-middle margin--thickness in the middle. You end the line with a curled tail. To complete the letter you then have to draw a looping, curled stroke across the top of the first stroke that was drawn. The video will then show you how to draw a small cased P. You do this by drawing a thin, slightly curved upward stroke, an intersecting thick downward stroke and finally a looping stroke originating from the thick line to complete the letter. If you follow the strokes demonstrated in this video you too will be able to draw the letter P in copperplate as professionally as the writer in the video.

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